Project 54


54. Review- Check Your Pockets

Notion-  In the winter months my pockets get full of bundledand used Kleenex. Laundry is often filled with lint afterwards because we always forget to empty our pockets and it gets everywhere. My mom has this sign in our laundry room to make sure we empty our pockets and the post-it is pinned on my laundry basket to remind me to do the same.

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53. Review- Hidden Treasure

Notion- Kleenex boxes are so common and reflect such innocence. Common household items are always advertised to be hidden safes and whatnot for expensive pieces to throw off theives. Kleenex boxes make the best hiding spot for items you would never want stolen.

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52. Review – Need a Kleenex Remix

Notion- There are several songs that bring a tear to my eye everytime I listen to them. If I ever need to fake some tears these are the songs that I would play to onset the waterworks:

Nickleback- Far Away

Bob Marley- Is This Love

Rascal Flatts- What Hurts The Most

George Strait- Run

Nsync- God Must’ve Spent A Little More Time On You

The Beatles- Yesterday

Green Day- Good Riddance (time of your life)

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51. Progression- Gloves

Notion-  I hate the winter so when it comes around I bundle up trying to escape the cold. Gloves are such a pet peeve of mine because of how unfunctional they are. In this new age I believe we have progressed enought to make gloves have a more functional use, to hold Kleenex so you don’t have to fumble through the many pockets of winter coats to find one.

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50. Progressive- Some things never change

Notion-  My first memomy of Kleenex is me when I was about 6 sticking a tissue up my nose and walking around like that. I would blow on the tissue while it was still stuck up my nose just to watch it move. I thought it was one of the coolest things. I rarely used Kleenex for what it was actually meant for, I used my hand or clothes instead but I would play with Kleenex. This past semester I found that I was doing the same thing.

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49. Progression- Pick a side

Notion- I was sitting pondering ideas around Kleenex when I had flashbacks of my mom yelling at my brother and I not to use the same side of the Kleenex for both our eyes and nose because of germs. If I could’ve remembered which side I used for what or would’ve had different tissues for each or could distinguish different sides of a tissue then it would’ve saved me from getting lectured a lot as a child.

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48. Progression- Universal Word

Notion-  Kleenex has become more than a facial tissue brand, it’s now a universal word for tissue. This diagram illustrates the different brands of facial tissue but the fact that “Kleenex” is commonly used to describe any tissue. The power that Kleenex holds on the facial tissue industry to me describes progress.

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47. Progressive- Rudolph’s Red Nose

Notion- With the winter comes dreary colds and red noses. Red noses aren’t a good look for anyone but Rudolph. Kleenex has a specific Kleenex for that reason. Their Cool Touch Kleenex are meant to soothe a sore nose instead of irritate it more and give you that awful red winter nose. Kleenex has come a long way in their tissues… progression.

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46. Social- Make-up Cleanup

Notion- Kleenex use to be used as a tool to remove makeup but is still something I use it for today. Makeup removing wipes can get expensive but a Kleenex with a little lotion or soap can do the trick to clean up a makeup mistake or clean your face at the end of the day. I found this ecard hilarious because many girls cake on makeup because they think it’s attractive while instead it’s just the butt of many jokes.

Kleenex used to remove makeup

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45. Social- It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

Notion- I share my birthday with my dog who I’ve had for 15 years. I’ve know her longer than many members of my family and she was a gift from my grandmother who also shares our birthday. This past birthday I went home to celebrate with my family and my mom mentioned that my dog was getting quite old and might not be here for another year. I instantly started crying at the thought of losing my dog. I don’t ever remember crying on my birthday. This inspired me to make party favors out of tissue, tissue leis. Party= social

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