Project 54


38. Time- Kleenex Hero

Notion-  The Boogey monster was one of my greatest fears as a child. I remember hating to blow my nose when I was a kid so I wanted to appeal to that aspect of tissue. Tissues remind me of capes and inspired me to make a superhero around that. Kleenex man would tackle the Booger Monster and other viruses that Kleenex can cure. It’s hilarious how much time has passed since those elementary days but how boogers are still one of the first things I think of when I think Kleenex.

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37. Time- Baby Onesie

Notion- A friend has been preparing for her first baby and had her baby shower last month. While we were thinking of favors to make for the party and I sat there folding Kleenex.  This Kleenex onsie is one of the favors she passed out at her shower. The Kleenex stands for a lot of the qualities babies are: fresh, innocent and pure.

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36. Time- Pass the Kleenex

Notion- Sharing isn’t one of my favorite things to do but it’s a large part of Kleenex’s slogan. If sharing was more fun then maybe more of us would do it. This Kleenex car would make sharing more fun and beneficial by saving time as you pass the box.

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35. Time- Mario uses Kleenex

Notion- The Mario Brothers are recognizable icons in American households. Yoshi, although meant to be a helpful tool can sometimes be a pest, or a “little booger.” This scene I made displays Kleenex boxes as the power up boxes on a level of Mario Brothers. This classic game is a timeless piece of American culture.

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34. Time- Boo Bunny

Notion- Kleenex tissues are soft and meant to cuddle the nose. Kleenex provides so much comfort to tears or an icky nose but is such a boring shape. I molded a Kleenex into a bunny, Boo Bunny. Boo Bunny is a much more inviting look to the regular tissue.

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33. Perspective- Power of 3’s

Notion- While working with Kleenex I noticed that Kleenex has three layers. The three layers is to provide more comfort and absorb more. Although with some things less is more, with Kleenex and most things, more is better (in my perspective). Three layers made me think of the power of 3’s. I filled up a paper with equations of different numbers to the 3rd power. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken math so this was a challenge. As you can see on the sheet of paper taking a number and putting it to the 3rd number makes a big difference. Kleenex wouldn’t be such a reliable brand if it was only one sheet.

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32. Perspective- Feeling used

Notion-  Instead of approaching this from our perspective I was wondering what the feelings of a tissue would be.

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31. Perspective- Girls vs. Boys Night

Notion- The uses of Kleenex vary depending on perspective. When I think of Kleenex I think about sharing them with my girls during a chick flick or girls night in. On the other side of the spectrum, after some discussion we came up with a guys night in use for Kleenex as well…

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30. Shock- Kleenex Hat

Notion- Weddings are usually a tearfest for me. Inspired by the wedding of Prince William and Kate I made a ridiculous Kleenex flower hat that could double as tissues at the ceremony. The hats many of the guests wore at the Royal Wedding were surprising to me. There was a a huge onset of shocking and odd hats for awhile after; not one of the best trends to follow.

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29. Shock- Kleenex…all I learned in Econ.

Notion- Last spring I took an ECON class in NOVA but it was hell. The teacher was this adorable old man but wow was he boring. The class was long and I could never concentrate. I cannot remember my teacher’s name for the life of me. The clearest memory I have from that class is that out of nowhere the professor would stop talking and take a Kleenex out of his pocket and clean his mouth. Lectures would stop for minutes at a time while he did this. At the end of the semester I usually like to give my teachers a little gift (like Starbucks, since I worked there), but all I could relate to my teacher was Kleenex. I learned nothing in that class but was just constantly reminded why old people always have Kleenex. This teacher always wore a button up shirt and a cardigan, I found it adorable. I wish I could make him a cardigan out of Kleenex or with a tissue dispenser. No big shock that Econ. has been my least favorite class…ever.

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